1. How Foster Care Donations In Pennsylvania Help At-Risk Kids

    Charitable donations aren't only a smart financial decision, they’re also a powerful way to give back to people in your community. If you're looking for a local charity that's dedicated to helping children and families, Family Care for Children & Youth (FCCY) is open to donations of any size. Here's how foster care donations in Pennsylvania work to build a better future for at-risk kids. Eve…Read More

  2. What is a non profit organization?

    Family Care for Children and Youth is a private, non profit social service agency providing foster care and adoption services to children in Pennsylvania. If you’ve browsed our website, then you already know this about us, but can you say with confidence what a non profit organization is? Most of us have heard the term “non profit” before, but the phrase can be misleading, and many have misc…Read More

  3. Your Non-Profit Donation Can Provide Dental Care For Foster Children In PA

    One of the many areas your non-profit donation to FCCY can provide assistance is funding dental care for a child in foster care. Dental care is essential to the overall health of a child. With your gracious donation, our foster care children will experience this care… Routine Check-Ups No matter the age of the child - whether just receiving the first few teeth or nearly an adult - a visit to a d…Read More

  4. Non-Profit Donations According To The IRS

    Did you know if you donate money to Foster Care for Children and Youth, then you can write the non-profit donation as a tax deduction for a charitable contribution? The national U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has specific distinctions for qualifiable donations and a certain process to follow for donating and claiming those donations on your tax return. Here is a simple breakdown of the IRS re…Read More

  5. Golfing “Fore The Kids” Non-Profit Fundraiser

    Bright and early on the morning of Friday the 25th of September, we will rise, grab our golf clubs and our checkbooks, and head to Wynding Brook Golf Club to play a fundraising golf game Fore The Kids. We are Family Care for Children and Youth, and we love to golf for the foster children we know today, for the ones we remember from years past, and for the ones who will come to our doors in the fut…Read More

  6. Non-Profit Donations Are The Cool Thing To Do

    Give your time. Give your talent. Give your treasure. Why do humans have an intrinsic push to give? Generosity is humbling. Generosity brings happiness. Generosity enriches others lives. Let me tell you a story (or two) about times that giving and non profit donations have affected my life. Have you guys seen the Life Vest Inside video that inspires kindness? It starts with a construction worker w…Read More

  7. Non-Profit Donations For Children’s Recreational Activities in PA

    Thanks to the non-profit donations of very generous people, Family Care for Children and Youth is able to support foster care families with children’s recreational activities. These days, children are encouraged to explore interests and dive into so many different worlds. Yet it’s also a day that everything costs a pretty penny. There’s less and less available at a cheap cost, which is why w…Read More

  8. Why You Should Make Non-Profit Donations

    There’s a great feeling of satisfaction on payday when you see the cash in your bank account for your hard work. Many people have his or her go-to spending preferences: the movies, shopping, maybe even saving for a nice vacation getaway to the beaches you’ve been seeing in your dreams. But what if instead of spending your money on yet another pair of shoes or an even bigger TV, you gave that m…Read More