Milton, PA is a wonderful place to raise a family, with several parks, trails, and a small-town feel that residents love. Children across the nation spend their young lives in situations where they are often without the stability and safety that they need. FCCY can help you foster a child that you could end up adopting while also giving a child a permanent home.

Become a Foster Parent

Adoption Agency MiltonWhen a child is no longer in a safe or healthy environment, moving them into a foster home can provide an opportunity where they have access to resources such as health insurance, education, and even therapeutic support. What could be a temporary residence where a child can have all of their needs met could become a permanent arrangement. If you believe you would make a good foster parent, you can contact our foster care and adoption agency in Milton. Learn more about becoming a foster parent here.

Other Services

FCCY is here to provide Milton with a range of foster care and adoption services. Our goal is to ensure all children are receiving the love, care, and attention they need in order to grow up to be successful adults. Our hope is that children can eventually return to their biological/legal family members, but they sometimes need additional help or resources until this can happen. Family Care for Children & Youth wants to make any rough patches in a child’s life as smooth as possible by providing families who help with the information and guidance they need.

We want to be there for both foster and adoptive parents to provide information on caring for a child, as well as ensuring children have everything they need to feel loved and supported. If you want to love and care for a child, temporarily or permanently, give our Milton office a call today.