Advantages for Children Placed in Kinship Care:

  • Identity: Living in a new environment can be a stressful and troubling time for a child. It can throw their identity into question, and they may find it difficult to socialize and fit in. Kinship care provides them with a safe and familiar environment in which their significant attachments, identities, and cultures are preserved.
  • Historically proven: While foster parents always do their best to provide a safe and nurturing environment, some children struggle to adapt to completely new situations. Our kinship care offers a historically proven method of supporting children within their existing familial and cultural systems. The trained caregiver is able to care for the child in a profound, intentional, and successful way.
  • Team approach: At FCCY, we understand the value of having a strong support system for both foster children and their caregivers. Our consistent, team-based approach means that the child grows and develops in a caring, understanding, and fully supportive environment.
  • Socialization: Children in our kinship care program stay involved in all family activities and community events as they learn about acceptable behaviors, social norms, and accept the responsibilities associated with being a family member. By prioritizing social development and community involvement, children are able to experience a fun, nurturing, and natural childhood.
  • Commitment: Because of their close, personal ties to the foster child, caregivers have a long-term interest and commitment to the children under their care.
  • Trauma minimization: An unstable living situation can cause trauma that lasts well into adulthood. Our kinship care program aims to minimize the separation between children and familiar figures in their life, which ultimately works to reduce any trauma or anxiety they experience during their transition. 

These are just a few of the many benefits of our kinship care program. For more details on kinship care, or for information on making your family a part of our program, contact FCCY today.