Kinship Care is the full-time nurturing and protection of children who must be separated from their parent(s) and temporarily placed in the home of a caregiver. Kinship care differs from foster care in PA because the caregiver already has an existing relationship with the child or the child’s family in a kinship situation. In order to better serve the children in our care, we partner with the county, who will have legal custody of the child, in order to provide the child with a formal Kinship Caregiver. Because this is a legal care situation, the relationship between the child and the caregiver must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Caregiver is related to the child through blood or marriage
  • Caregiver is a godparent recognized by an organized church
  • Caregiver is a member of the child’s tribe or clan
  • Caregiver has a significant and positional relationship with the child or the child’s family

Just as it would be if the child was placed with a foster family, it is FCCY’s responsibility to ensure that the child or youth living under a Kinship Care arrangement is living in a safe environment and that his or her needs are being met. We do this by focusing on the development of the child in the present as well as in the future. We have always believed in a young person’s ability to move beyond a troubled past and grow into a successful adult, and we know that the best way to help our young clients achieve this is to place them with a Kinship Caregiver.

Advantages for Children Placed in Kinship Care:

  • Their significant attachments, identities, and cultures are preserved.
  • It is a historically proven and natural way to support children within their family systems.
  • The trained caregiver is able to care for the child in a profound, intentional, and successful way.
  • FCCY’s regular team approach means that the child progresses in a caring and understanding environment.
  • Children stay involved in all family activities and community events as they learn responsible behaviors and accept the responsibilities associated with being a family member.
  • Children are able to experience a fun, nurturing, and natural childhood
  • Caregivers have a long-term interest and commitment to the children in their care
  • Trauma of separation is minimized

For more details on Kinship Care or for information on making your family a part of our program, contact FCCY today.