We are passionate about helping children find happy, permanent homes, and we believe that many times, Kinship Care is a positive, successful solution. In order to help both the county and the Kinship Caregiver, we are happy to perform a thorough Kinship Care Home Study. Positive results mean a pre-qualification for the caregiver. Our home studies also create a more streamlined process for the county and ensures that everyone is doing what’s best for the child.

If a county agency is in need of a Kinship Care Home Study, FCCY may provide any number of the following services:

  • Upon receiving a county referral, FCCY will arrange for an initial Home Study within five days of referral.
  • FCCY will complete a thorough Kinship Care Home Study with a Kinship Caregiver. The Home Study will contain a thorough assessment of the social and emotional qualities of the Kinship Caregiver as they relate to the caregiver’s ability to care for children.
  • FCCY will thoroughly review the Department of Public Welfare’s foster care regulations with the Kinship Caregiver. At this time, FCCY may also review additional materials specific to the Kinship Caregiver’s location.
  • FCCY will work with the Kinship Caregiver to obtain all necessary health statements prior to full Kinship Care approval.
  • FCCY will work with the Kinship Caregiver to obtain a minimum of three references prior to Kinship Care approval.
  • FCCY will assist the Kinship Caregiver in obtaining Act 33 and Act 34 Clearances as well as FBI clearances required for full Kinship Care approval.
  • FCCY will follow up with necessary mental health providers if there are any concerns regarding the emotional stability of the Kinship Caregiver.
  • FCCY will provide the Kinship Caregiver with first-aid training (no first-aid certification).
  • When the study is finished, the completed file will be turned over to a county agency for final approval.

We understand that this can be an overwhelming process, but we are here for you. Contact us today with all of your questions about kinship care and foster care in PA.