Independent Living Program services are designed to assist young adults in developing the skills they will need to become productive and healthy adults. The young adults in this program were formerly in foster care in PA and now live in an apartment or house within their community. These services are designed to provide former foster care young adults with the skills to reduce the likelihood of things like homelessness, teen pregnancy, unemployment, and other negative consequences young adults may face without proper guidance or support.

Eligibility for our Independent Living Program in Pennsylvania is based on age and motivation. Single, male youths between the ages of 18 and 21, who are in the custody of the county children and youth agency are eligible. Voluntary participation and a high level of motivation are both necessary for success in this program.

A primary component of providing Independent Living services deals with teaching young adults life skills. Life skills include budgeting / money management, home care / basic maintenance, grocery shopping, accessing and utilizing community resources, nutrition, family planning / education, parenting education, and other “skills” such as self-esteem, good communication, anger management techniques, and decision making.  FCCY’s Independent Living Program utilizes the Casey Life Skills Assessment which assists young adults in systematically reviewing and learning those concepts and skills that are vital for adulthood.

Young adults who complete our program will:

  • Know independent living skills and how to locate resources such as healthcare.
  • Know how to find and maintain housing.
  • Know how to find and maintain employment.
  • Explore educational opportunities with the knowledge and skills to enroll.

For more information on our independent living program for teens and young adults, contact us online, or visit the office location closest to you.