There’s a great feeling of satisfaction on payday when you see the cash in your bank account for your hard work. Many people have his or her go-to spending preferences: the movies, shopping, maybe even saving for a nice vacation getaway to the beaches you’ve been seeing in your dreams. But what if instead of spending your money on yet another pair of shoes or an even bigger TV, you gave that money away? GASP! Though it may seem odd at first thought, donating your money to a non profit organization has three benefits that will make your life better.

Making a donation to a charity can be as simple as $5.00 or as extravagant as $1,000,000. There is no minimum requirement or maximum gift amount when you donate funds. Many non profit charities are so thankful for any and all support. It all adds up to give financial support to the cause. The good news is there are plenty of non profits out there that you can find a cause you’d like to support.

Let’s be honest, we are all a bit selfish from time to time. You’ve made the decision to support a charity; now what are the benefits? The good news is that while helping others, you are truly helping yourself as well.

When you make a non-profit donation, chances are you will feel great helping someone else. Being able to afford enough to sustain your life and then giving away the excess allows another person or cause to be fruitful and sustain life as well. You are the cause of that growth and life. Through your donated funds, you directly and positively impact your charity of choice. Say, for instance, you’d like to donate to your local foster care organization. Your donation contributes to medical costs, recreational activities or even educational costs for the children in foster care that otherwise could be living on the streets. Don’t you feel better about yourself by helping the kids that don’t have the home life that you are fortunate to live? That happiness you’re feeling is worth the spare change out of your pocket.

Furthermore, you can inform yourself on some of the social injustices happening around the world. Many non profit organizations work to right the wrongs in the world. To stick with the same foster care example, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, there were over 400,000 children placed in foster care in 2013. The number has rapidly grown over the years. Luckily, there are organizations throughout the U.S. with their one goal of saving these poor children from terrible lives. Non-profit organizations will help you to fight against terrible social injustices.

If increasing your happiness and knowledge about social injustices aren’t good enough reasons for you to donate to a charity, maybe the fact that you can make a deduction on your taxes will do the trick. Every penny you spend through donation funds is tax deductible. Essentially this means you will be saving some extra money to continue donating!

Are you feeling inspired? Donate to Family Care for Children & Youth to help some of the 400,000+ children in foster care. I promise, you’ll have a better day because of it.