Thanks to the non-profit donations of very generous people, Family Care for Children and Youth is able to support foster care families with children’s recreational activities. These days, children are encouraged to explore interests and dive into so many different worlds. Yet it’s also a day that everything costs a pretty penny. There’s less and less available at a cheap cost, which is why we are ecstatic when we receive these donations.



Many children are naturally drawn to the arts. Whether its picking up the crayons to color in their favorite book (and hopefully not on the walls) or piano lessons, children are naturally artists. With the help of non-profit donations, FCCY can send foster children to art camp or piano lessons.



While running and playing outside football in the backyard is a great way for children to enjoy the summer outdoor sunshine, a foster child cannot make it to the Steelers without some money to buy the pads for safety and the coaching fees for great practice. Organized sports are a great way for children to learn proper social interactions and team building skills that are necessary in every aspect of a fruitful life.



Traveling is every child’s dream. Chances are these foster children have never left Pennsylvania, and we want our families to have extraordinary experiences with their foster children. Your non-profit donations can support FCCY’s foster families to take their children on a cultural adventure of a lifetime.
So if you’re feeling generous and heartfelt, FCCY is grateful to accept your donation to our non-profit organization to give children access to arts, athletics and adventures that everyone deserves.