Give your time. Give your talent. Give your treasure. Why do humans have an intrinsic push to give? Generosity is humbling. Generosity brings happiness. Generosity enriches others lives. Let me tell you a story (or two) about times that giving and non profit donations have affected my life.

Have you guys seen the Life Vest Inside video that inspires kindness? It starts with a construction worker who helps up a young man who had fallen off his skateboard. This young man then helps an elderly woman cross the street. Once across the street, the woman gives coins to a lady who is searching for some change to pay the parking meter. The kind actions continue to pay forward, ending with a waitress giving a glass of water to the first construction worker. Everything comes full circle when actions are based in kindness. Similarly, a young couple recently came to FCCY searching for a way to give back. As qualified foster care parents, this couple was able to accept a child into their home that was previously facing neglect. The caring act of fostering this child provided the child with a kind view in the world thus empowering the child to pass kindness on to his friends and peers. The generous donation of time, talent and treasure from the young couple had a rippling effect in the young child’s life much like that in the video.

Another story is directly related to nonprofit donations. It was coming up on a good friend’s birthday. 50 years, what a good reason to celebrate! While the go-to celebration is a huge party full of friends, cake and presents, my friend had another plan in her agenda. In lieu of a large party, my friend elected for a lovely, small family dinner and absolutely no presents. “But you are turning 50! You deserve a party,” said many friends who wished to celebrate. Accepting that she had impacted the lives of many who wanted to share her birthday with her, she decided to pay it forward. Instead of accepting gifts for her birthday, she asked that everyone make a donation to a non profit organization of their choice. I was impressed and humbled by her actions.