Charitable donations aren’t only a smart financial decision, they’re also a powerful way to give back to people in your community. If you’re looking for a local charity that’s dedicated to helping children and families, Family Care for Children & Youth (FCCY) is open to donations of any size.

Here’s how foster care donations in Pennsylvania work to build a better future for at-risk kids.

Every year, thousands of Pennsylvania’s children enter the foster care system. Some of them are put up for adoption while others have been taken from homes where they were being neglected or abused. Regardless of their background, these kids are all in desperate need of loving homes where they can feel safe and protected.

A donation to FCCY means that we’re able to locate potential foster families and train them to provide the type of care that can take at-risk children out of the danger zone. The theories and techniques that we’ve perfected prepare foster parents for the physical and emotional requirements of a foster child.

FCCY donations also help us operate our Independent Living Program, which helps young adults who’ve grown up in the foster care system transition to living in their own apartment or house. Far too many kids simple “age-out” of foster care without the proper support system in place to help them succeed in the real world. FCCY’s program works to make sure they have every chance of becoming a well-adjusted adult.

Visit our Donations Page to learn more about how your gift can help protect Pennsylvania kids.