If you’re thinking of becoming a foster parent, there’s no better time to commit to the cause than during the summer. Deciding to become a foster family isn’t a decision to be taken lightly, and it comes with great joys as well as additional responsibilities. Summertime represents one of the best seasons for foster care for a few reasons — and not just because school is out.

Summertime Is Prime For Foster Care

As you and your household consider becoming a foster family, check out why our foster care agency, FCCY, recommends the summer as an excellent starting point.

1. Children aren’t in school

It’s possible to begin foster care during the school year, but it can be markedly harder. Not only does your foster child have to adjust to a new home, but they also might have to adjust to a new school, new teachers, and a new routine in general.

During the summer, though, you have two months of free time to get to know your foster child, develop healthy routines, build positive relationships, and generally adjust to life together. This experience is one of the most rewarding in life, but it takes time. There’s no better season than a wide-open summer for this.

2. There’s more sunshine

This might seem like an arbitrary factor, but summertime is much better for endorphins, exercise, and activities. In short, it’s a season where we naturally come out of hibernation and seek connection. Not to mention, sunshine encourages Vitamin D production which in turn helps to balance moods.

It can be much easier to introduce a foster child into the family when there’s a plethora of summertime activities going on: going to the pool, biking to a park, scheduling playdates, listening to live music, etc.

3. Opportunity for summertime enrichment

Just as there are more outdoor activities taking place in the summer, there are also more enrichment opportunities. Whether it’s a local summer camp at the community center, a hands-on tour of a local science museum, or a sports league, summertime is chock-full of enrichment activities for your child.

4. Holiday weekends and trips

From July 4 festivities to Labor Day parades, summertime comes with great excuses to unit and celebrate. It is so important for foster children to become a real part of family activities, and there’s no better time than holiday weekends to solidify this bond.

Foster Care In Pennsylvania

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