Have you and your partner considered adopting a child? This is an option open to families who are willing to accept children in need into their homes. Some children are unwanted or cannot return to their biological families. Adoption is not ideal for every family or every child, but when it’s right, it provides loving, permanent homes for children who would otherwise not get to have that. There are many things to consider before committing to an adoption. Here are a few examples of good reasons to adopt.

  1. You love kids

An honest love for children is one of the best reasons to consider adoption. If you simply love kids, whether or not you have any of your own, it only makes sense to provide a loving, permanent home for a child in need.

  1. You already have 2+ children of the same sex

If you and your partner already have kids, you may have all girls or all boys. Adoption is a great option for couples who want more kids, but also really want a child of a certain sex. Adoption can give you the opportunity to introduce the little girl you’ve always wanted into your boy-ruled household.

  1. You want an older child

Have you always dreamed of having children but can’t imagine going through the stressful experience of raising an infant? Some people simply don’t do babies, but that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t make great parents for a older child who already sleeps through the night.

If you’re considering adoption, contact Family Care for Children & Youth. We are a social service agency providing foster care and adoption services to Pennsylvania.