At Family Care for Children and Youth, we are always actively seeking potential foster families to join our private agency. Although adoption is ideal when dealing with situations where the child cannot return to his/her biological family, we also need families willing to provide temporary and emergency foster care. In the state of Pennsylvania, there are certain requirements that foster parent applicants must meet. If you’re considering opening your home to children in need, review these requirements to find out if you’re eligible to apply.

Parent Requirements

Foster parents must be at least 21 years of age, and they must pass a medical screening done by a licensed physician. This medical appraisal establishes that the applicant is physically able to care for children and also does not have any communicable diseases.  

Residence Requirements

In the state of Pennsylvania, foster family residences must have at least one flushing toilet, one sink, and one bathtub or shower with both cold and hot running water. The home must also have a functional heating system and telephone. Childrens’ sleeping areas cannot be placed within hallways, stairways, unfinished attics or basements, garages, bathrooms, eating areas, closets, sheds, or other detached buildings. Foster children of the opposite sex must be in separate rooms if they are five years old or older. Lastly, each child must be provided his or her own clean mattress, pillow, linens, and blankets.   

The requirements for becoming eligible to provide foster care in Pennsylvania also include rules regarding child discipline, child safety, and more, so a little bit of research may be in order. If you’re ready to become a foster parent, or if you have any questions, contact our foster care agency in PA.