Foster care in the United States is very important. There are many children that are faced with troubling family lives, which is why we make it our life’s mission to ensure these children are cared for and loved. The children are always our main focus, but we care deeply about the family they enter as well.

Available 24/7

Foster Care for Children and Youth is always available to contact – 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. We know that fostering children cannot be easy all the time which is why we are here as a resource for you. We promise a quick response whether it’s an emergency or just a question.

Giving Back

FCCY would not be a successful foster care organization without the gracious foster care families that welcome these children into their homes. Thank you, parents and families, for giving back to your Pennsylvania community through the care of children, fostering, and adoption services.  You continue to provide loving and supporting homes, and for that we are grateful.

Case Management Communication

We are a team that works together to care for foster children. This means that our case managers will continuously be in contact with your family throughout the foster process. We believe that the children that pass through FCCY deserve the best, which is why we have selected foster families that are willing to communicate, work together, and share experiences of happiness and troubles.

Again, thank you to the foster care families in Pennsylvania that have worked with FCCY to ensure that these children have safe, happy, and loving homes.