toddlerplayinginbedWhen you choose to become a foster parent through Family Care For Children & Youth, your case manager will provide the support and training you need. Our goal is to teach our foster families our proven techniques, responses, and theories in order to ensure the development of strong, productive relationships. While we take care of getting you ready for your first placement, you’ll need to make sure your home is prepared as well. Follow these tips when setting up the child’s bedroom.

When Preparing a Foster Child’s Bedroom

Choose Neutral Colors

If you’re painting the walls, avoid gender-specific colors such as blue and pink. Consider grays, creams, and whites in order to stay gender neutral, and you can start including color, patterns, and themes once you know your foster child’s age, gender, and preferences. Put a plain, neutral blanket on each bed in the bedrooms. You can let the child pick out his or her own comforter later.  

Set Out the Child’s Items

When your foster child arrives, let there already be certain things in the bedroom that are his or hers. Some of the children who come into your care will arrive with next to nothing, so prepare a collection of toiletries and hygiene products, an extra throw blanket, and whatever else you want to include so your foster child can have something that belongs to him or her immediately.

Prepare Comfy Clothes

You’ll do the bulk of your clothes shopping after the child arrives for the sake of getting the correct sizes and allowing the child to pick out his or her own items, but that doesn’t mean you should have nothing for the child to change into. Keep a collection of comfy clothes, including sweatshirts, sweatpants, and pajamas that your foster child can wear around the house in the meantime.

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