The first day of school is just around the corner. While many schools are attempting to reopen with stringent safety precautions, many have opted to stay online for part, or all, of the fall semester.

Whether you have foster children in your care or you plan to foster at some point in the coming months, you will likely find yourself learning how to help your child learn remotely at some point in the near future. In today’s post, we’re going to provide you with a few easy-to-implement tips you can use to keep your child engaged while learning at a distance.

Family Care for Children & Youth is proud to be Pennsylvania’s Top Rated Local® foster care agency. Now more than ever before, children need a space in which they feel loved, supported, and cared for. If you’re considering opening your home and your heart to a child in need, we invite you to contact one of our offices to learn more about how to be a foster parent. We will do everything we can to help you through the process and find the right fit for your home.

Four Tips for Effective Remote Learning

Minimize Distractions

If you’ve worked from home at any point in the pandemic, then you’ve probably noticed how easy it is to get distracted from your work. While remote learning isn’t exactly the same as most computer-oriented jobs, it’s just as easy for children to get distracted when they aren’t in a classroom setting. Help your child maintain their focus by keeping noise to a minimum, removing clutter from their work area, and encouraging them to take breaks whenever possible.

Encourage Activity

Physical activity has positive effects on both physical and emotional well-being. If your child isn’t getting the activity they normally would at recess and after-school sports, make sure that activity is being made up somewhere else. If you need some ideas, wear masks and go for socially distanced walks or bike rides, play in the backyard, or take a frisbee to a local park.

Separate School and Home

Many adults and children who are working and learning from home are finding it difficult to separate the two spaces that were once very distinct. If your home has the extra space, try converting a spare bedroom into an office/classroom that’s devoted entirely to learning. It may not sound effective at first, but psychological studies suggest that having completely separate spaces for work and relaxation can actually improve well-being and performance.

Stay Optimistic

Above all else, try to stay optimistic during this incredibly stressful and difficult time. There is so much uncertainty about the future, especially when it comes to schooling. Many teachers aren’t even sure if they’ll be able to maintain in-person classes for more than a few weeks, so do your best to be flexible and temper your expectations about what’s to come.

Children are able to pick up on their parents’ emotions, even if you aren’t explicitly discussing the pandemic or its effects on your household. We recommend taking one day at a time, making room for rest and relaxation, and always focusing on the fact that there is an end to this tunnel. It may be difficult at first, but a little positivity and optimism really can go a long way!

Interested in Becoming a Foster Parent in Pennsylvania?

We hope that today’s post will help you help your child as you navigate the challenge of learning remotely together. If you would like to learn more about how you can support your family through the pandemic, we recommend that you read the following posts:

Much of the country has come to a standstill, but there are still thousands of children around the country who need supportive homes. If you’re interested in learning more about how to become a foster parent, contact one of Family Care for Children & Youth’s Pennsylvania foster care offices or fill out the form below. Becoming a foster parent is one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll have in your lifetime, and we would love to help you take the first steps in your fostering journey.

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