The best thing a foster care parent can offer new foster children (and biological children for that matter) is commitment. One of the biggest reasons children have difficult upbringings is due to inconsistent care, love and companionship. Kids just want to be loved. Kids want to know you care about what they did that day and that you are there for support.

The steps to becoming a foster parent can seem arduous. The hours of interviews, paperwork and preparation are a simple inkling to the commitment it takes to successfully raise a foster child. The time will fly by as you foster your children. There’s no time to waste being a mediocre parent when your foster child will be returned to his or her biological family or become an adult. The one trick is commitment.

First and foremost, commit to the child. Whether it’s preparing healthy, hearty meals each day or ensuring the child has a safe place to rest, the child needs to be your top priority. Even more than shelter and food, you are responsible for supporting your foster child in school, sports, clubs or any other extracurricular activities that will turn them into the bright shining star you know is inside.

You must also commit to the state of Pennsylvania and Family Care For Children & Youth for regular appointments to check-in on the process and foster care relationship.

Trust us, when you are supportive to your foster children, they will feel the love. Having someone to check in on daily as well as share meals and experiences with on a regular basis turns you into a superstar parent in the eyes of the child. Just be there. You’ll be an awesome foster care parent; we know it!