There are many Pennsylvania children in need of temporary and emergency foster care. At Family Care for Children and Youth, we provide these children with stability by placing them with caring, nurturing, and supportive foster families. We’re always looking for new affectionate families to join our agency. If you’re considering becoming a foster parent, review the following state safety requirements.

General Safety

Dangerous materials such as those that are flammable, poisonous, or toxic must be clearly labeled as hazardous and safely stored in a place that is not child accessible. For example, you must properly label and store all medications, harsh cleaners and detergents, and anything that could cause harm. The telephone numbers for emergency services including police, ambulance, poison control, and fire must be clearly displayed next to all phones in the home. Lastly, electrical outlets must be child-proofed for children under five years of age, and personal water sources must be tested annually.

Fire Safety

Most of Pennsylvania’s safety requirements focus on fire safety. Foster families must install, equip, and operate all fireplaces, fireplace inserts, wood and coal burning stoves, and other space heaters by following the manufacturer’s instructions. Each level of the home must be equipped with a working smoke detector, and a functional portable fire extinguisher must be kept in all kitchens and other cooking areas. Lastly, the home must be free of exposed electrical cords.

Requirements such as these play an integral part in keeping the children in our care safe and healthy. If you’d like to learn more about foster care in PA, browse through our site, or contact the FCCY location nearest you.