Foster care family in PA.

Becoming a foster parent in PA is an honorable, caring, and selfless act. You give a damaged child a new chance at family life. In an effort to protect the children, before you can become a foster parent, you must prove that you are worthy to take on the responsibility. Each case is individual, so please call us to talk about details; however, there are some umbrella requirements that apply to each applicant:

  • Each foster parent must be at least 21 years old
  • Foster parents must complete a medical physical
  • Foster families must comply with Child Protective Services

These requirements are non-negotiable. So why are there requirements for having a foster child while any person can have a child no matter the above circumstances?  It’s simple. Children that need foster care are children that have typically been through a traumatic experience. The child needs a mature, healthy, protective foster parent to provide a home. There’s no room in the foster care world for parents that will continue to cause harm or damage to the child’s life.

In addition to these requirements for foster parents, it’s generally helpful if you additionally have the following characteristics:

  • Care about the child!
  • Superior supervision skills
  • Community and family support
  • Stable emotions and health
  • Many, many personal qualities that children find comforting

If there’s one thing that’s for sure, it’s that Family Care for Children and Youth appreciates each and every person striving for foster parenthood here in Pennsylvania. Thank you for your love and service.