Many families experience periodic difficulties while raising and caring for their children, but some families have such trouble that the children are no longer living in safe and healthy environments. An increasing number of children are in need of new, safe homes with caring and nurturing families.

How can you help? By becoming a foster parent.

Family Care for Children & Youth provides care to children in need by placing them with families who can support their needs both physically and emotionally. If you become a foster family, an FCCY case manager will work with your family and the child you care for as a team, helping both of you experience a healthy, productive relationship. Your case manager will also provide support and coordinate the special training you will need to become an ideal foster parent.

Who are these children?
The children who become part of foster families may be from biological/legal families suffering from physical or sexual abuse, drug addiction, abandonment, or other neglect or trauma. Children may be of all ages, but they all have one common need for a loving and nurturing family life.

What are the goals of foster care?
Foster care is designed to be temporary; the goal for most children is to successfully return to their biological/legal families. Visits between a child and his/her biological/legal family may occur while a child is part of your foster family. The important thing is that all involved parties work together to support the child.

In some cases, a child is unable to return to his/her biological/legal family, and other permanent placement arrangements must be made. These arrangements may include subsidized permanent legal custodianship, adoption, or other planned permanent living arrangement or placement with a relative.

Would I make a good foster parent? 
If you’re looking for how to become a foster parent, first consider if you’d be a good fit. Foster families are made up of people who are mature, understanding, and able to exercise good judgment. Foster parents enjoy children, like being parents, are good communicators, work well with others, are flexible enough to meet the unique needs of the children entrusted to them, and feel good about helping children by opening their homes and lives to them. Becoming a foster parent in Pennsylvania requires that you must be at least 21 years old.

What type of reimbursement does FCCY provide
foster families?

If you provide foster care through FCCY, you can count on the following:

  • Daily reimbursement rates
  • Health insurance card covering child’s medical, dental, vision, and therapy expenses as well as most prescriptions
  • 24-hour emergency services
  • Foster parent support and training
  • Respites
  • Reimbursement for previously approved expenses
  • Availability of educational scholarships for children receiving foster care as well as other young adults living in the home

How do I begin the foster care process?
If you are interested in foster parenting in PA, please contact the FCCY office closest to you. We look forward to hearing from you.