1. Child Adoption Costs

    One of the common questions that comes with child adoption is how much it will cost. It may seem like a price can’t be put on a child, but there are many people and agencies that are involved throughout the process. Costs depend on whether you are adopting domestically or internationally. Domestic costs can include legal representation for both the adopting family and the birth parents, counseli…Read More

  2. Can Single Parents Adopt?

    There are many people in Pennsylvania who want to start a family, but for many reasons, are unable to. Some adopt due to medical reasons, they see a need in the world, or simply haven’t found the right person to start a family with; whatever your reason, FCCY can help with the child adoption process. Families and individuals alike struggle with these types of issues. If you are single and still …Read More

  3. Common Reasons For Adoption

    Making the decision to adopt a child is a very personal and life-changing choice. One family’s decision may not make sense at all to another while two other families may bond over their reason for child adoption. If you are considering going through the process and are curious what other family’s reasons were to make this change, keeping reading to learn more. Wanted to Give a Child a Family G…Read More

  4. What Adoptive Parents Shouldn’t Do

    It can be an exciting adventure to go on, adopting a child into your family. But at the same time, it can be overwhelming and there will also be a learning curve. How to bring a child into your home and allow them to feel comfortable and safe, how to handle fights and learn from them, and remaining positive throughout the difficult times are just a few of the struggles that parents who adopt a chi…Read More

  5. Questions an Adopted Child May Ask and How to Answer Them

    If you are a family who has made the beautiful decision to adopt a child, you may have been asked some challenging questions by the child about where his birth parents are or why they gave him or her up for adoption. If you’re an individual or family considering child adoption, it’s important to be aware of similar questions that your child may ask one day and how to answer them. At FCCY, we w…Read More

  6. Do You Have the Skills to be an Adoptive Parent?

    It’s a noble decision to adopt a child and help him or her have a more stable environment where they can grow and thrive. There are many children out there bouncing from foster home to foster home who deserve love and support from anyone willing to invest in their lives. Child adoption also comes with many challenges as well as immense rewards. In order to be fully prepared to adopt a child, you…Read More